TutorTIMS Information


TutorTIMS is telecommunications learning software designed by Emona Instruments, the manufacturers of the "TIMS: Telecommunication Instructional Modeling System" www.tims.com.au product range of laboratory teaching equipment for college & university level students.

If you wish to know more about the TutorTIMS product range, download an information sheet (pdf/240k).

You may have come to this page as a result of using the TutorTIMS Freeware software. In order to assist you in using the software we have included below some screen shots of various experiments you can build using your TutorTIMS-Freeware:

For help in using TutorTIMS, select the 'help' button on your switch panel at the top of the TutorTIMS window.

If you wish to download a copy of TutorTIMS Freeware for your own use, please click here to go to our download page.

The TutorTIMS Freeware is a feature limited version of the commercial TutorTIMS product range. Below are some screen shots of experiments which can be built with TutorTIMS-Advanced.

Please note that commercial TutorTIMS products (ie: non Free-ware) are only available as site-licenses for educational institutions.

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