net*TIMS: Hands-on hardware experiments delivered at a distance via LAN or Internet

EMONA Instruments is the manufacturer of the TIMS range of Telecommunications Learning products. The building block approach to making laboratory experiments makes TIMS products both easy and quick to use as well as maximising the students' learning experience in the little time available for laboratory work.

The TIMS approach to teaching telecommunications is also central to both 'net*TIMS'™ (Internet delivered hardware experiments) and 'TutorTIMS'™ Simulation software.

net*TIMS Internet delivered hardware experiments for lab access 24 hours, 7 days.

Download a brief Guide to net*TIMS (pdf/392kb)

net*TIMS allows students to carry out real hardware experiments across the campus LAN or from any location across the Internet.

Diagram of netTIMS experiment unit with local users via LAN and remote users via internet
Diagram of netTIMS experiment unit with local users via LAN and remote users via internet

In a net*TIMS experiment, the student has real-time control of every module's knob and switch, and rapidly sees the effect of any front panel adjustments made.

Choose an experiment from the menu to see the system in action

For an information sheet on net*TIMS, click here.

View a brief 3 min. video presentation about net*TIMS

Experience net*TIMS from our LIVE server on this website, as well as download an evaluation version of TutorTIMS Simulator for pre-lab learning. Just follow the links on this page and contact us with any further questions you may have.

netTIMS unit with laptop during experiment setup
netTIMS unit with laptop during experiment setup

The 'hands-on' approach builds student confidence and makes the experiment satisfying as the students are free to explore and learn by making mistakes. When they explore more, they learn more.

Enjoy your experimenting with TIMS.

TutorTIMS Simulator: for pre lab learning EMONA

TutorTIMS simulator is a block diagram approach to building telecommunications experiments, based on a continuously running DSP engine for immediate results. Supported by a massive suite of documented analog and digital experiments, your students can build and test concepts before coming to class and attending laboratory sessions and tutorials.

TutorTIMS is available as a campus-wide site license so that ALL of your students can have the ability to prepare for class as well as further experiment in their own time.

For information on TutorTIMS as well as downloads click here

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